Rade Markovic Talks JOOLA Lockdown Impact

Rade Markovic, Co-managing director of JOOLA Tischtennis

Co-managing director of JOOLA Tischtennis, Rade Markovic reveals how JOOLA has been coping during Coronavirus lockdown (Photo: Rade Markovic)

JOOLA has become one of the world’s premier suppliers of high-quality table tennis products since it was first formed in the 1950’s. The brand name came about from the name of the JOOss department store in LAndau for whom the first table tennis tables were built for their sports department in 1952. Production was transferred to a new factory in Siebeldingen in 1973 which also serves as JOOLA’s European Headquarters.

During these unprecedented times, the Table Tennis World has been affected like never before due to the worldwide Coronavirus lockdown.

Understandably these have been testing times not just for Table Tennis as a sport, but also for the major Table Tennis businesses, such as JOOLA, which supplies necessary equipment across the globe to professional and hobby players alike.

SD Sport had the pleasure of speaking to Rade Markovic, who is currently the co-managing director of JOOLA Tischtennis, in Germany, about the current business situation and how it has affected JOOLA.

“The Coronavirus has had a huge impact on businesses worldwide; the whole world is in lockdown, and I think in general the financial situation is much worse than the [financial]crisis in 2008/2009…

… We are finding the balance between demand and supply, and we are running the business as good as we possibly can during these tough times.” – Rade Markovic

Although these are certainly tough times for all businesses, and not just Table Tennis brands, Rade went on to discuss JOOLA’s safety net as the demand of Table Tennis tables are through the roof:

“Luckily for us [JOOLA] we have two business markets that have been a big advantage to us:  the professional and leisure markets. These two markets are a big advantage to us because although our professional market sales are down, our leisure sales have risen dramatically.” – Rade Markovic

With tables nearly sold out across Germany, Rade mentioned that even those who had never played the sport before were finding themselves purchasing a table to help keep fit during lockdown:

“People are having to spend more time at home due to the lockdown, and they are looking to table tennis to bring some light to this heavy situation the world is facing right now.” – Rade Markovic

As the demand of table tennis equipment for leisure and hobby has risen greatly, we questioned Rade on whether production of such equipment stopped due to the lockdown:

“No, production of such equipment is still underway. We are also still shipping equipment worldwide as per usual.” – Rade Markovic

JOOLA recently launched two new entries under its rubbers portfolio: JOOLA Dynaryz AGR and ACC rubbers, a follow on development from their hugely successful JOOLA Rhyzer rubber brand.

The Official JOOLA website describes how the JOOLA Rhyzer brand has received new enhanced technologies. One of these is the hard ‘HYPERBOUNCE SPONGE’, a “ground-breaking” purple sponge evidently aimed at the aggressive player. The website goes on to say that the sponge is “built to possess masses of potential energy that is released with every contact to create an explosive power with every attack.”

Further information about JOOLA and its products can be found on their website.

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