WU Yang

Wu Yang - photo by Holger StraedeWu Yang


Age: 24  

Height: 1.72m    

Country: China    

Right-handed: (Shakehand grip)    

Ranking Points: 2996

World Ranking: 10th




– photo kindly provided by Holger Straede (foto.straede.de)

Wu Yang was crowned the World Junior Singles Champion in the women’s category in 2009 and she also won a gold medal in the team event at the Asian table tennis championships in the same year. Wu’s main play is an unorthodox backspin game which at times catches the opponent out, but she also can unleash a strong counter-attack as well.

The 2015 World Championships saw Wu reach the quarter-finals of the women’s singles and mixed doubles competitions, and in 2016 won the German Open women’s singles crown.