Vladimir Samsonov - photo by the ITTFVladimir Samsonov


Age: 41  

Height: 1.89m    

Country: Belarus    

Right-handed: (Shakehand grip)    

World Ranking: 10th



– photo provided courtesy of the ITTF

Vladimir Samsonov, born in Minsk in 1976, is an all-time table tennis Great. He has been in the top ten of the world rankings for the second longest time in the history of the sport, only behind Jan-Ove Waldner. Vladimir has won the joint most (27) ITTF Pro Tour gold medals and has also won several other high profile competitions including: Table Tennis World Cup, World Tour Grand Final and the European Championships.

Samsonov is also known as the “Tai Chi Master” in China due to his great all-round play and as “Mr.ECL” because he contested in the European Champions League for 15 years straight seasons and has won 9 ECL titles.