Kristian Karlsson Praises Indian Player Development

(Photo: ITTF)

One of Europe’s top players, Kristian Karlsson has praised the recent development of Indian table tennis having met many of the country’s stars in the 2018 season of Ultimate Table Tennis.

Sweden’s Karlsson represented Maharashtra United as one of the team’s foreign players in the second season of UTT, helping the team to a fourth position finish overall.

The World No.22 has been impressed with the improvement of the Indian players and has highlighted the 2018 Commonwealth Games as a key part of their recent progress.

”Most Indian players have upped their game and improved a lot this year and the CWG performance has brought their motivation level up which reflects in their good performance in UTT.” – Kristian Karlsson.

One of the next big tests for India’s table tennis elite will come in Jakarta with the 2018 Asian Games getting underway in Indonesia this August.

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