Durban Awarded 2023 World Table Tennis Championships


History has been made with the announcement that the 2023 ITTF World Table Tennis Championships are to be held in Durban, South Africa.

This marks the first time that the ITTF’s most prestigious event will be held on African soil since 1939 when Cairo, Egypt played host.

There was fierce competition when it came to the bidding process surrounding the 2023 World Championships. South Africa’s Durban was up again Germany’s Düsseldorf, which previously staged the event in 2017 with great success.

With bidding procedures coming to a close, it was the African city that came up trumps, and was declared as the official hosts of the championships.

ITTF’s Deputy President, Khalil Al-Mohannadi, sent his congratulations to both nations on their presentations of bids to host the highly acclaimed event, and commented on the growth of the sport as a result:

“We are continuing to see benefits from the forthcoming changes to the format of the World Championships Finals, which will be introduced from next year onwards, leading to more countries bidding from different regions of the world.

This also reflects the ever-increasing international appeal of table tennis, which is extremely pleasing to see as we continue to work hard to make the sport more global in the future.” – Khalil Al-Mohannadi

Joe Carrim, the President of the South African Table Tennis Board (SATTB) also had a few excited words to add after Durban had been chosen as the 2023 host for the World Championships:

“I am obviously ecstatic and beside myself with joy. The sleepless nights and all the hard work have paid off.

I want to say to Germany that their presentation was absolutely superb. I did not want to take our success at all for granted, given all their experience, and I am certain that they will come up again (to host the World Table Tennis Championships Finals) in future.

 I want to thank the world of table tennis and the ITTF for entrusting us with the confidence with the team that we have, the city that we have, and the support from the government that we have to host this event.

We are certain that we will make everyone who supported us extremely proud of having placed their trust in us to take the baton forward and host a World Championships worthy of the trust that you have given us.” – Joe Carrim

Source: ITTF

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