Czech Republic Players Return To Training

Pavel Sirucek looking forward to training resumption (Photo: ITTF)

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, competitions and official training in countries all over the world were halted in March. But, after two months of waiting, today in the Czech Republic, players can officially begin training again under strict conditions.

This is welcome news for Czech professional table tennis players who have been itching to get back into the action again.

Having qualified for the Olympic Games earlier this year, Czech Republic’s highest ranked male player, Pavel Sirucek reflects on the testing times he has experienced on a personal scale:

“I work to be at the Olympics and at the moment I have it within reach, it is unfortunately postponed. Now I have no idea how the qualification will continue.” – Pavel Sirucek

However, the painful news of postponement of the Tokyo Olympic Games hasn’t got the 28-year-old down:

“I have more time for myself and I have been happy at home. But I am looking forward to be training again.” – Pavel Sirucek

The training situation is still uncertain in Hana Matelova’s eyes (Photo: ITTF)

Hana Matelova, the highest ranked female player the country has to offer, who lives and trains in Duesseldorf, Germany, yet plays in the French league, commented on the situation from her end:

“The league competition in France is cancelled and we know it will not start sooner than October. So, I will be waiting for inside training to be allowed again and will start then.” – Hana Matelova

With regional and youth sport centres opening today, training can officially begin again in the Czech Republic.

Source: ETTU

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