Alexander Flemming Crowned First World Ping Pong Masters Champion!

Alexander Flemming celebrates Ping Pong Masters Success (Photo: Michael Loveder)

Following a thrilling weekend of Ping Pong, Germany’s Alexander Flemming, also known as ‘The Flash’, was crowned victor at the inaugural Ping Pong Masters invitational event with an outstanding victory against the ‘King of Ping’, Andrew Baggaley, in the final stage of the tournament.

With an incredible Semi-Final performance versus the ‘Special One’ Chris Doran of England, Alexander Flemming, looked to be in mighty form as he secured his place in the final in style.

Flemming, however, would another strong outing in the closing fixture of the tournament if he was to achieve his dream of lifting the trophy, facing three-time Ping Pong World Champion, Andrew Baggaley.

Much to the surprise of avid Baggaley fans, the King of Ping struggled to establish a foothold in the final; Flemming displayed a level of play that was simply too strong for the Englishman to contend with. Despite all of the odds being stacked against him, it was Alexander “The Flash” Flemming, not Andrew Baggaley, who left the Ricoh Arena with the first-ever Ping Pong Masters title, along with a whopping first prize $25,000 paycheque!

About the World Ping Pong Masters

Ping Pong, a game derived from Table Tennis, is a relatively new sport with growing popularity across the globe; combining Table Tennis with its own set of unique rules – such as the use of sandpaper bats instead of the usual rubber-glued-to-wood racket – and dramatic tournament format, Ping Pong offers an exciting twist on the game that leaves fans hungry for more.

As mentioned, the Ping Pong Masters, hosted at the Ricoh Area in Coventry, England, is a brand-new event introduced to supplement the yearly ‘World Championships of Ping Pong’ which was forced into cancellation this month due to the Coronavirus restrictions in place. With that being said, the new tournament entry was filled with equalling passion and quality of play to its more regular counterpart, proving a welcome addition to the world of Ping Pong.

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