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Ambitious Egyptian Omar Assar dreams of success on world stage

(Photo: ITTF)

Omar Assar is Egypt’s highest rated player in the current ITTF world rankings table occupying 39th position in the men’s list and in the summer of 2017 he signed for German Bundesliga club Werder Bremen.

The Egyptian recently gave an interview with the official Werder Bremen website and spoke about his national pride, “I love to be in Egypt and I am very proud to belong to such a great country with an impressive history. Unfortunately, I am only a few weeks a year in Egypt, as my appointment calendar is very full. Nevertheless, I am always in close contact with my family.”

Being a professional sporting athlete can deliver many positives but also has its fair share of lows and Assar gave an insight into how the elite table tennis players deal with the disappointment of defeat:

“After each defeat, I feel very disappointed, because before each game a lot of work behind the scenes is necessary” said Assar “I always have very high expectations of myself. I try to rebuild myself, but a big failure was the defeat of Kou Lei at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. In the decision rate I have already led and then still lost – a very painful defeat.”

Assar is no stranger to receiving gold medals at African continental level, but the 26-year-old has dreams of one day going on to reach the podium at World Championships and Olympic level:

“My biggest goal is to win a medal in a big international competition such as World Championships or the Olympics and to give this medal to my country, my family and myself.”

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